NEW AEV Models:

Chassis Available

Chassis Available:

AEV maintains a multi-million dollar chassis inventory to up with the high demand as well as having many stock units 90% built so that you can choose the final touches for a quick turn around delivery.

  • Massachusetts compliant - under $109k (before GPC discount)
  • Base model starts are $105k
  • Choice of Chassis - Ford E350 or GM 3500
  • Streamlined process for quicker  build times
  • Can be remounted - saving more $$$$ in the future


AEV's Quality & Safety 

                       at a budget price

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Electrical System

  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Ford Transit
  • Chevy 3500

Totally new design for AEV with all aluminum body and modern Gel-Coated Fiberglass cabinetry, work areas, and squad bench for easy maintenence.

Type III  Ambulance

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Both Type I and Type III Models

Chassis available:

Type i  ambulance

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NEW AS OF July 15, 2020


Lifehawk & fleethawk

Crash tested all aluminum modular body is built to meet the demands of an emergency environment.  All modular bodies are warrantied for 20 years.

AEV door construction is much stronger due to heavy-duty extruded door frame rather than simply bending aluminum sheeting to form doors.

AEV interiors are constructed of 7-ply 1/2" and 2/4" hardwood plywoods.  Some models are available in aluminum interior cabinetry.  The laminated plywood is glued, screwed and stapled together into cabinet sections before installation into the ambulance.  All exposed areas are sealed an covered with high impact laminate. Cabinets are designed in such a manner that they run full height for maximum size and to reduce interior noise.

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about the Lifehawk and Fleethawk


type II Vans

AEV's standard electrical system carries a 7-year or 70,000 mile parts and labor warranty.  The standard system includes self-diagnosing individual printed circuit boards for each circuit and meets IPC Class 3 guidelines.  All wiring inside and out is run through 300 degree rated looms.  Several multiplex options available.  The double pole single throw switches are set into an LED illuminated panel.  Second rear switch panels can be added for additional locations.

  • Ford F350
  • Ford F450
  • Ford F550
  • Ford F650
  • Chevy
  • Dodge 3500
  • Dodge 4500
  • Dodge 5500

Ideal for narrow city streets and efficient fuel consumption, AEV's Type II ambulance lineup is well suited for commercial fleets.

Interior cabinet construction

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about the FirStar

  • Ford E350
  • Ford E450
  • G3500
  • G4500


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