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There's been a lot of talk about safety in the industry lately. AEV has always done more than talk. We knew it was time.
To go beyond an acceleration simulator.

To go beyond deformable barrier or static load testing.
Time to do what the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety do when they validate the crashworthiness of a vehicle. It was time for a real world, dynamic high-speed crash test. Based on years of testing and experience, we knew our vehicle was up to the challenge.

"Ambulance Crashworthiness Defined"

AEV ambulances are the product of a formula merging time tested ambulance building methods, innovative engineering and proven materials and components. We've made a commitment to doing the job right, from selecting the highest quality raw materials and components, to custom designing each vehicle to maximize dependability, functionality and serviceability.

Our goal is to design and build emergency vehicles in which you can have total trust. That's why our highly skilled technicians build most assemblies right here in our facilities, where we control the quality. All purchased components not made by AEV are of top quality and backed by their manufacturers. Combine these factors with modern engineering and technology and you have the cornerstone elements of our product line.

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Our assembly process is where it all comes together. We have gained a reputation as experts in blending the craft of custom vehicle production with the consistency and controls of contemporary manufacturing techniques. In fact, a major industry publication published a feature article on AEV's specialized techniques for manufacturing quality ambulances. State of the art manufacturing techniques, including rigid process control and aggressive quality control procedures have earned AEV the coveted Ford Motor Company Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) status every year since our birth.

We don't just assemble ambulances at AEV, we craft a world class product backed with the strength and integrity of a responsive and progressive company. Our unprecedented growth over the past few years tells us our formula of providing this solid value works for our customers.

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